Sleep apnea

    Opis projekta

    Considering the high prevalence and relatively low research existing on obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS)and intermittent apoxia, we would like to combine the large expertise of MEFST and Pr Đogaš on this pathology, together with the technical possibilities of Medils and expertise of Dr Pellay on oxidative stress and protein damage, for a productive exploration of this topic on new angles.

    Intermittent apoxia that occurs during sleep apnea is responsible for an oxidative stress like pattern of damage that remain poorly explored. The long term consequences of this pathology are also reminiscent of oxidative stress damage and include increase risk for most age related pathologies. A previous study (2019) already showed a link between OSAS and cellular aging and opened the door for many more study on this relationship.


    In this collaborative project, we would like to address the following questions:

    • Does sleep apnea affect markers of protein oxidative damage and show increase aging based on these markers in patients blood?
    • Can we observe similar pattern of oxidative damage in rodent model of the pathology?

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