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EMBO Workshop "Systems approaches in cancer"

This EMBO Workshop focuses on applying and integrating high-throughput “omics” technologies, single-cell approaches and computational methods to analyze cancer-related processes and responses to drug treatments. This EMBO Workshop has been held for the first time in Split in 2021 and has been a huge success. The focus of this new 2023 workshop will again be to gather world’s best scientists working in the field, bringing together young and experienced scientists applying genome-scale or quantitative biology approaches. As in 2021, a strong focus of our meeting will be promoting the next generation of researchers in the “systems biology of cancer” field. The program includes the following main subjects: application of omics technologies to cancer research, quantitative/single cell cancer biology, drug discovery and cancer therapeutics, and new methodological developments. A large fraction of the talks will be selected from abstracts and so that the meeting will facilitate interactions among all attendees.