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    Tomislav Hengl

      The MEDILS institute, an international centre of excellence in the heart of the Mediterranean, has shown itself to be an excellent choice for GEOSTAT. MEDILS offers ideal working conditions and a comfortable set-up: with accommodation and catering in house, several leisure and sport facilities and access to the sea shore. The course was run in one of the MEDILS’ seminar rooms (see photo); a computer cluster was also at our disposal. The majority of participants followed the complete course and exercises on their laptop computers….. ……….Over 15 years ago prof. dr. Miroslav Radman, the Croatian maverick of molecular biology (working at the moment in Paris, France), had a dream of establishing an international research centre of excellence in Split. Few years ago, MEDILS became a reality. The institute now increasingly hosts numerous international summer schools and promotes new directions in science. In that sense, GEOSTAT and MEDILS were a perfect match.