MINI WORKSHOP of the 8481 BioAmpMode research project

We are pleased to invite you to a set of short LECTURES related to the project topic open for public with the following schedule:


Thursday 15th September speakers:

Prof. Emeritus Davor Juretić, PhD

(Improving on Nature’s design: Possibilities and execution)

Prof. Damir Vukičević, PhD

(Importance of atom coordinates - Peripherality indices)

Assistant Prof. Ana Maravić, PhD

(Exploring the antimicrobial potential of AMPs)

Goran Gajski, PhD

(Toxicological safety assessment of antimicrobial peptides in human cells)

12:00 – 14:00 in the room B-3-68


Friday 16th September speakers:

Prof. Alessandro Tossi, PhD

(Hydrophobicity Scales and Antimicrobial peptides)

Assistant Prof. Larisa Zoranić, PhD

(Molecular dynamic simulations of antimicrobial peptides in water and TFE-water solution)

Yogesh Sonavane, PhD

(Molecular dynamic study of the antimicrobial peptide maculatin 1.1: stabilization of the preformed pore)

12:00 – 14:00 in the room B-3-68


This workshop also includes DISCUSSIONS AND MEETINGS, for those who are interested in participating please contact us on e-mail: with subject: BioAmpMode discussion.