• 24
    svi, 2022

Guest lectures at MedILS

Silva Katušić Hećimović "Endolysosomal dysfunction in Niemann-Pick type C disease - a common feature of neurodegeneration"

Lea Vidatić "Modulation of BACE1 in in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo NPC1 models" 


  • 30
    ožu, 2022

Europska noć istraživaća

The objective of the MSCA and Citizens action is to bring research and researchers closer to the public at large, with a focus notably on families, pupils and students.

  • 14
    ožu, 2022

“Croatia-Canada Women in Science” conference

September 12th 2022 (Monday) in Zagreb
September 14th 2022 (Wednesday) in Split
Igor Stagljar (University of Toronto & Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences)
Canadian Embassy in Croatia 

  • 23
    ožu, 2022

Ljetna tvornica znanosti

Ljetna tvornica znanosti je znanstveno-edukacijski projekt namijenjen djeci u dobi od 9 do 18 godina, koja imaju želju kreativno provesti ljetne praznike proučavajući znanost kroz interakciju s drugom djecom i mladim znanstvenicima.

  • 19
    ožu, 2022

Thematic CERN School of Computing (tCSC security 2022)

his school is organized by CERN in collaboration with the University of Split. Assuming a positive evolution of the pandemic, the school will take place in Split, Croatia, and be hosted at the Mediterranean Institute For Life Sciences (MEDILS) Conference Centre.

  • 18
    ožu, 2022

MedILS Summer School in Science Communication

18.07.2022 - 22.07.2022. 

The School of Science Communication has been carefully designed to empower you to improve your career through clear, engaging, and impactful communication. We will guide and train you through practical communication exercises and effective step-by-step tutorials. 

  • 3
    ožu, 2022

The FEMS Summer School for Postdocs 2022

September 03.- September 13.2022

The FEMS Summer School for Postdocs will recognize 25 of the most talented and promising researchers from across the world – with spaces reserved for 15-20 European and 5-10 non-European students.