Kalendar događanja

  • 20
    10, 2021

Hrvatsko francuski upravni dani (postponed)

U okviru partnerstva Pravnog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Splitu i Sveučilišta Panthéon Assas – Paris II., čije postojanje datira još od XII  stoljeća, u Splitu se u kontinuitetu, od 2007. godine  održava međunarodna konferencija,  Hrvatsko-francuski upravnopravni dani.  Svake godine na njima redovito sudjeluju najistaknutiji francuski i hrvatski pravni eksperti, znanstvenici i praktičari, prije svega iz područja upravnog prava, kako bi izložili i raspravili najaktualnije upravnopravne teme i institute.

  • 11
    10, 2021

The 9th Thematic CERN School of Computing

Thematic CERN School of Computing (tCSC 2021-autumn)

The school will focus on the theme of Scientific Software for Heterogeneous Architectures. The complete programme will offer 24 hours of lectures and hands-on exercises, as well as an additional guest lecture, student presentations session, and a special evening lecture.

  • 4
    10, 2021

Advances in Biomedical Research IV

We are pleased to invite you to the conference “Advances in Biomedical Research IV”, which will take place from October 04. - 09., 2021., at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (MedILS) in Split, Croatia.

  • 21
    9, 2021

Systems approaches in cancer "EMBO"

Significant progress has been made in characterizing the genetics of cancer and cellular pathways that are critical for cancer initiation and progression. However, most studies focused on single genes or proteins and highlighting the need to analyze cancers as integrated systems of gene/protein/metabolite networks and the underlying regulatory mechanisms.


  • 9
    8, 2021

More than a feeling – Adhesion-GPCRs translate context into function

We are pleased to announce a lecture by Prof. Ines Liebscher from the Rudolf-Schoenheimer Institute of the Medical Faculty, University of Leipzig in Germany. Prof. Liebscher’s group aims to unravel the function of the adhesion G protein-coupled receptors (adhesion GPCRs) – the largest membrane-standing proteins in vertebrates which are implicated in cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions.

  • 9
    8, 2021

PROMISE workshop for students

Workshop is organized by Tamara Milošević and Andrea Gelemanović as part of the PROMISE pedagogical team and will be held from August 9 – 11, 2021, at MedILS.